Auxbeam is one of top 5 Best LED Headlight Bulbs. Auxbeam LED Headlight Bulbs help you look ahead clearly. At the same time, do not dazzle others.

About Auxbeam LED Headlight Bulbs

In order to prevent an unsafe circumstance, headlights should be brilliant sufficient to reveal you the roadway in advance plainly, but at the same time not dazzle the oncoming traffic either. The Auxbeam company claim both of these for their F-16 Auxbeam LED headlight series.

About Auxbeam LED Headlight Bulbs

Auxbeam is just one of the leading makers and also suppliers of vehicle Aux beam of light LED lights as well as gives affordable and high quality LED lights that have actually undergone extensive testing.
The Auxbeam LED Headlight Bulbs F-16 Series are fitted with high power CREE chips. CREE is well known worldwide of LEDs. They are made to be utilized for both headlights and fog-lights.

Auxbeam Led Headlight Bulbs Review

Auxbeam Led Headlight Bulbs Key Feature

The strength of the light provided relies on whether you select a solitary beam of light bulb or a high-low bulb. The solitary beam of light bulbs supply vehicle headlight lumens 6000 lumens of light, whereas the mix will supply 4000 lumens on low and vehicle headlight lumens 7200 lumens above.

This amount of light is greater than sufficient to show up road signs and also road paint for a safer driving experience during the night. The color temperature level is evaluated 6000K, providing a high comparison light that is a bright white however will certainly not charm oncoming traffic.

Auxbeam Led are created to fit both 12 V and also 24 V lorries

The installment is made easy by the all-in-one incorporated style as well as a built-in CANBus – which enables the lights to connect with the electronics of the auto without needing to handle mistake codes.

Auxbeam LED Headlight Bulbs Plug & Play

With a gold coloured airplane grade aluminium alloy casing, they are not just robust as well as long lasting, however they also look respectable as headlight bulbs go! The casing likewise causes a warm sink that helps in the light bulbs staying 30% cooler than typical light bulbs. There is also a built in turbo-fan. These 2 functions cause ideal heat security as well as long lasting efficiency.

In regards to toughness and also top quality, the Auxbeam F-16 series bulb has an IP68 rating. Basically, this indicates that it is dirt proof as well as waterproof. As the supplier declares – the “only relocating component can function under water”!

If, like myself, you are asking yourself why it is essential that your headlights should function under water, it is just a way of emphasizing exactly how well the lights will work under rough problems and to explain the toughness of the product.

A lot has actually been stated concerning the cases of the manufacturer– it would be good to have some authority’s point of view on the quality of the item. The UNITED STATE Department of Transport (DOT) has actually offered their consent.

Customer Review, Pros – Cons

Auxbeam Led Headlight Bulbs Customer Review

Outstanding! I placed Auxbeam H11 LED Headlight Bulbs F-16 Series in my 2013 Ford Fusion (Additionally fits 2013-2016 Combinations). These fit the low-beams just great and also leave a good crisp light line in front of me. Nobody has actually flashed me for being as well brilliant or in their eyes, however its a means better enhancement from the supply halogens. The best part about these is that the followers make no noise in all, which most LEDs do. Setup was simple, although on the Fusion I had to take the bumper cover and lights out. Took me concerning a hr with fundamental tools. The light was simply the appropriate dimension for the real estate, although to get it to fit you have to unscrew the little orange cap/top of the light bulb. I don’t really assume it has a helpful objective anyhow.

Combined with the F-S2 Series H11 LEDs in the fog lights, and this made my auto look sleek and brand-new again.

Auxbeam H11 LED Headlight Bulbs customer review

I got Auxbeam H11 LED Headlight Bulbs F-16 Series for my ’17 Accord Crossbreed and they fit perfectly. It was hard to obtain them in as a result of limited area to get my hand in there, yet they do fit just fine.

They are super bright and match the LED daytime lights and the LED fog lights perfectly. I made use of double sided tape to install the resistor or whatever it is to the cars and truck framework and also there was plenty of cable television length to do so.

In conclusion, cash well spent and I would certainly do it once more.


  • The lights are very intense, extremely white and job flawlessly. There has actually been issue relating to LEDs around their toss distance, but these LED lights are really equivalent with halogen bulbs in this element.
  • The style of the bulbs makes installment really easy. It can take as little as 20 mins to install these bulbs. The adapter specifies for the model picked for a particular auto and also fits snugly and firmly.
  • The roadway as well as the indicators turn up much brighter when making use of these LED bulbs than halogen bulbs.
  • The worth when compared to items with comparable specifications is great. Other products of similar high quality can set you back as much as increase the cost of these bulbs. They retail at for $51.99 as well as $55.99 depending upon the size.


  • The decoding feature of the CANBus might not work for all lorries. A recognized inappropriate car is the Mini Cooper. This is something to be knowledgeable about when considering buying this product. Make certain that your automobile is compatible with the product prior to buying it.
  • These only work well in automobiles with projector design headlights. A halogen reflector design front lights will certainly give you excellent light, but will certainly blind oncoming web traffic.
  • When considering the specs of Auxbeam F-16 Series Headlight Bulbs against the cost, this is real value for cash. It would certainly be great, nevertheless, to be knowledgeable about 2 points before rushing out to purchase this product.

Final words

Ensure you have projector style headlights as well as contact the producer, or browse evaluations from people already having bought them, that the lights are compatible with your vehicle as there are compatibility concerns with some make from vehicles. If these 2 points are excellent, then these auxbeam led headlights feel like a terrific buy.

All Size AUXBEAM LED Headlight and Price

size: 9005

Auxbeam 9005 LED headlight Bulb F-16 Series LED Headlights with 2 Pcs of Led Bulbs 60W 6000lm LED Chips Fog Light

Auxbeam Led Headlight Bulbs F-S3 Series 9005 HB3 H10 Led Headligh

Auxbeam Led Headlight Bulbs F-S3 Series 9005 HB3 H10 Led Headlight Conversion Kit 72W 8000LM CSP Chips Fog Light (Pack of 2)

Size: 9006

Auxbeam 9006 Led Headlight Bulbs F-T1 Series Led Headlights 70W 6000K 8000lm Super Bright LED Chips Single Beam with Temperature Control

Auxbeam 9006 LED Headlight Bulbs F-16 Plus Series LED Headlights

Auxbeam 9006 LED Headlight Bulbs F-16 Plus Series LED Headlights with 2 Pcs of HB4 Led Headlight Conversion Kits 70W 7000lm High Brightness SMD LED Chips Driving Light (Pack of 2)

Auxbeam LED Headlights F-S2 Series 9006 HB4 HB4U LED Headlight Bulbs

Auxbeam 9005 LED Headlights F-S2 Series with 2Pcs 9005 HB3 H10 9145 LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kits 72W 8000LM Super Bright COB Led Chips Fog Light Single Beam

Size: H11/H8/H9

Auxbeam H11 Led Headlight Bulbs F-TC Series 50W 5000lm 6000K/4300K/3000K Adjustable Color Temperature COB Chips Single Beam Conversion Kits

Auxbeam H11 LED Headlight Bulb NF-X3 Series H8 H9 H11 Led Headlights with with 2 Pcs of LED Headlight Bulb Kit 50W 5500lm Halogen Replacement Single Beam

Auxbeam H11 Led Headlight Bulbs F-M3 Series 50W 5000lm 6500K ZES LED Chip Single Beam Headlight Conversion kit

Auxbeam H11/H8/H9 LED Headlight Bulb W Series LED Lights 70W 6500K Super Bright SMD LED Chips Fog Light, with 2 Pcs of Decoder

Size: 9012

Auxbeam 9012 HIR2 7600lm Led Headlight Conversion Kits

Auxbeam 9012 HIR2 7600lm Led Headlight Conversion Kits, Single Beam Headlight Bulbs, Upgraded Mini Size Led Fog Light Halogen Replacement 6000K Xenon White -All in One Conversion Kit

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