Cougar Motor LED headlights

Cougar Motor is one of top 5 Best LED Headlight Bulbs. See Cougar Motor LED headlights review before buying. The article will help you choose a satisfied Headlight.

The breathtaking variables of Cougar motor, you never should lose out, think what? It has ‘SAME DAY SHIPPING, 15-minutes setup, as well as sensational plug and also plays variation. The cooling follower is modified in the for the minimum warmth dissipation LED bulbs to fit surprisingly in the engine area. No alteration needed.

In between too much as well as quality illumination, what’s your choice? If you like yellow light change prior to the vehicle, the supply halogen is a bit bright. Contrast claims bluish color of Cougar Motor’s LEDs suched as by optimum clients with the price of left-right circulation with 360-degree rotation. The procedure of Cougar motor led Headlights to mount is easiest contrasting to offered headlight light bulbs.

Offered cars include reduced light beam projector headlight with Halogen featured bulb, and It’s never an enigma. Though contemporary engineers prescribe to using LED fronts lights in the top-line designs, automobile developers are placing LEDs method in the beacon real estates. If you’re positive regarding the LED substitute bulbs, have a look at this cougar motor led headlight bulbs review. Utilizing the adhering to brand names’ LED package matches stock LED accent or DRL (Daytime running lights) even in the reduced light beam lights.

What Our Customer Requested ABOUT Cougar Motor LED Headlights?

Among the clients requested a remedy; whenever I plan to buy the prominent front lights set searching several websites’ evaluations, it begins a headache to read all the materials loud. In case, we must examine Cougar Motor to describe, why is it recommended? The problem happens when offered lorries featured a stock bulb, yet few visitors get answered to the best-LED front lights package. You never ever require to be in a dilemma, choose out Cougar motor LED with a 90% contentment price.

Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs All-in-One Conversion Kit - H11

What makes the Cougar Motor Led headlights the best?

Ultra night vision generates high quality illumination as well as informs your visibility to focus on off-road driving more plainly; Cougar Motor bases on their exceptional vision of well-staffed departments with specialist workers from pre and also after-sales. QAD (Quality control department) is missing out on for also some outstanding companies, but Cougar motor releases own QAD division to check the last clearance of products’ quality.

Allow’s describe their vision; it exposes HIGH-VALUE and super fast solution to pleasure clients. The conversation price is 99.9%! At the beginning of the energetic conversation, Cougar Motor functions vocationally daily. Thousands of favorable evaluations confirm their certification though there are couple of 1-star reviews. It’s not mean whatsoever since Cougar Motor is among the unusual LED professionals and AWARD-WINNING Firm. Quality, Cost array, as well as professionalism and reliability get you quality control to like the brand name. Select out from their details cart clicking the product list.

Contrasting to the Opt7 fluxbeam, Cougar motor led fronts lights have budget friendly cost variety; Fan doesn’t appear, battle led lightsaber, Quality brightness, expert light output, as well as climate-friendly. Though life expectancy is 50,000+ hrs, Cougar Motor declares 1 to 3 Years service warranty relying on the specifications, including Fog-lights, S1 LED/HID plus, and V16 collection LEDs.

the best COUGAR led headlight bulb

04 Types of Cougar Motors Led Headlight

We define 4 types of light bulbs are readily available in the Cougar Motor’s cart, and you reach buy among these perfect designed LEDs just clicking at the readily available choices. Instead of being ripped off out via fake-reviewed firm, Cougar Motors boosts all your possibilities with premier front lights bulbs.

Fanless LED headlight

Speaking about fanless All-in-One Conversion Package is formed of 3D Bionic Technology with 230% illumination; Works even better than stock halogen with a 360-degree turning system. White light output and also ultra chip format motivate the Xenon white color system incidentally. The next generation LED system allows precise searching at twelve o’clock at night with accurate light production. Safe for recurring vehicle drivers, and you can get 20 minutes setup. The auto-rotating system, the one point streamline this fanless LED headlight is an airship-class aluminum part (Ultra cooling tech). Lifespan considers to 50,000 hrs, however it enhances to 150% approximately.

COUGAR led headlight bulb FANLESS

LED headlight with FAN

As you can see, the name this Cougar motor headlight set makes use of TURBOCOOL Follower that increases the accurate life-span to be 50,000 to 60,000 K hrs resilient. The bulb has high luminous illumination; 200% light power than stock halogen fronts lights. Modern light beam pattern, Non-spot headlight lens, foggy light aids genuine power submission. Installment can take place in 20 minutes even after FAN change modern technology since sufficient space is reserved in the front lights port. Suitable for 95% automobile. Life time support is feasible for this plan.

LED fog light

Beam pattern is upgraded for the 100% haze light LEDs in Cougar Motor manufacturing. The heat dissipation system is fairly radiant to manage high temperature; The heat sink ability lowers 40X power consumption depending upon the ultra automobile modern technology. Being geared up with XB-D Cree chips aid LEDs quality; Besides, the projector is optical made to ensure that your vehicle produces contemporary illumination than Halogen and also supply bulb set. White light assists off-road being high quality better. As like other spec LED fog light subjects 50K hours lifespan. Though the very best haze light color creates by Cougar Motor as well as helps maximum cars, Newest lorries demand added lots resistors to prevent flickering. DRL and also genuine Fog light for cars and trucks.

HID Replacement bulb

Illumination is 3X for this version of Cougar motor with LED ranges (4 collections); Power discharge is contrasted to the supply halogen fronts lights. XENON modern technology, white light shade, and lumens output are 9,600 for battle bulb. Greater center light strength is feasible throughout the special chip format. Instant installation, Fanless technology, and specific illumination make HID replacement bulb more suitable for you. Life expectancy: 50,000 hrs.

Pros, Cons and Customer review


  • 230% Brighter than stock halogen
  • Center light intensity
  • Visual focus
  • 360° beam pattern
  • Avoid flickering to the ongoing traffics
  • 20 MINS Plug and Play
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Airship-class cooling tech
  • Lifespan: Up to 50,000 Hours
  • Fanned, Fanless, Foglight, and HID system
  • Cool White light
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Replacement guarantee within 30 DAYS


  • Shipping Fees are non-refundable even if you deny purchase later
  • Brightness can be a little bit dim comparing the stock halogen
  • Though it says 15 minutes installation you need experts’ solution sometimes

Customer review

  • Cougar Motor LED Headlights work very well, I had had some with the same characteristics only that of another brand and they had cost me twice as much; I installed them myself and so far I have not had any problem, it does not take more than 10 minutes to do it; Excellent quality and very good guarantee.
  • Placed Cougar Motor LED Headlights on low beam/day headlights position. First thing I noticed is how far to the sides of the road I could now see. There are a lot of deer in my area and within three days I was finding that I saw them more than usual. Can’t wait to see the difference during heavy snow.
  • Cougar Motor LED Headlights easy installation, plugged right inline. Probably a 50% improvement over the OEM halogen lights that came with the vehicle. A blue white tinge to the color rendition. Quite satisfied.

Final Thought!

Finally, we very suggest to take a look at the car’s requirements belong to your ownership if you wish to change Cougar Motor’s BROUGHT ABOUT today front lights bulb. As soon as you are confident regarding the traffic legitimacy, have a tendency to get the particular model from the following Cougar Motor Led Review; you’re guaranteed of high quality purchase. Water resistant and shockproof protection available around the bulb kit; besides, the light weight aluminum housing is not vulnerable to make sure that you get extremely enduring, and also ultra air conditioning innovation aids the lifespan to be 50000+ hrs. All your option gotten in one content; check all the tags of Cougar Motor products.

Size: H7

Cougar Motor Wireless H7 LED Headlight Bulb, 12000Lm 6500K Slim All-in-One Conversion Kit – Cool White

Size: 9003 / H4

Cougar Motor H4 LED Headlight Bulbs, 9003 High/Low All-in-One Conversion Kit, 10000 Lumen (6000K Cool White) – Adjustable Beam Pattern

Size: 9005 / HB3

Cougar Motor 9005 Led headlight bulbs, 9600Lm 6500K (HB3) Fanless All-in-One Conversion Kit – 3D Bionic Technology

Size: 9006 / HB4

Cougar Motor Wireless 9006 HB4 LED Headlight Bulb, 12000Lm 6500K Slim All-in-One Conversion Kit – Cool White

Size: 9007 / HB5

Cougar Motor 9007 LED Headlight Bulbs, High/Low All-in-One Conversion Kit, 10000 Lumen (6000K Cool White) – Adjustable Beam Pattern

Size: 9008 / H13

Cougar Motor H13 Led headlight bulbs, 9600Lm 6500K (High/Low) Fanless Conversion Kit – 3D Bionic Technology, 360°Adjustable Beam

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