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What is the Char-Broil X200 Grill2Go?

As the ‘Grill2Go‘ tag may suggest, this is a barbeque made to accompany you when you’re out and also about. Even if cookouts on the move isn’t your thing, its tiny size makes it a good choice for veranda barbecuers, as well.

The X200 Grill2Go is powered by portable gas cylinders as well as gain from what Char-Broil calls TRU-Infrared Food preparation. This is implied to keep moisture in the food you cook, reduce flare-ups as well as also make use of much less gas. Various other handy attributes include a temperature scale constructed into the lid.

The only thing to really allow the X200 Grill2Go down is simply how difficult it is to clean after the reality. And when it comes.

Char-Broil X200 Grill2Go main feature

The X200 Grill2Go is constructed like a container. That goes for its metal construction and also just exactly how heavy it is at almost 12kg. While this is a portable bbq, it’s more something you toss right into the boot of your cars and truck, rather than actually bring about.

The pair of handles on each side assistance in getting it around at the very least. Plus, while hefty, it isn’t particularly big, indicating it sat happily on my terrace’s reasonably tiny table.

Its die-cast aluminium construction does make this bbq beast really feel robust, like it will certainly survive years of use. There are safe and secure locks to keep the cover closed during transportation. The top of the lid houses a thermostat, which comes in handy for watching on temperature levels.

There’s really little assembly needed out of its box, also, so you can be off as well as running wonderful and promptly. Once you’ve slotted in its components– the drip tray that rests beneath, for example– all that’s left is to screw in a portable gas cyndrical tube. If you want to utilize a full-size gas cyndrical tube or motorhome supply, you’ll need to grab a separate tube adapter for around ₤ 25.

Char-Broil X200 Grill2Go – How to Use?

Setting up and also using the X200 Grill2Go could not actually be any type of simpler, which is welcome. You can be up and running within seconds of screwing in a gas cylinder. Readjust the temperature level utilizing a dial, and you can start the gas burner using a handy electronic ignition, which I discovered would terminate it up accurately whenever.

You’ll need to leave the Grill2Go to preheat for about 10 mins, once that period has actually elapsed, you’re great to go. The temperature level gauge on top is also a wonderful assistance.

Char-Broil states its “steel emitter plate retains the natural infrared heat of the flames and emits that heat back to your food”, as well as this creates the basis of its TRU-Infrared Food Preparation System. I did find that burgers and also steaks preserved much more of their juices, yet I did still see the occasional flare-up from oil leaking down.

Heat dispersal really felt consistent and, considering that this is a gas-powered barbecue, food preparation with the cover down is a choice– this isn’t constantly the case with charcoal-based alternatives.

The grate is big sufficient to cook for concerning four individuals easily. A good benefit of the side handles is that they prove useful for hanging tongs as well as various other cooking utensils.

Before you set off on your first bbq, as well as for succeeding uses, Char-Broil recommends you ‘season’ the stainless-steel food preparation grate, just like you ‘d treat a cast-iron frying pan. Char-Broil claims you ought to coat the grate in high warmth oil, such as canola or peanut oil, prior to each usage to help in reducing sticking as well as make clean-up simpler.

Clean-up is still the biggest sticking point (word play here meant). You’re intended to leave the Grill2Go on optimum heat for 15 mins at the end of a barbecue session in order to burn any kind of remains, which should make the ash easier to get rid of.

Nonetheless, cleaning still proved tough because the charred remains were sitting deep in the triangular grooves. A cleansing device is provided, however this just pushes the ash in the direction of the edge of the grate, implying it’s still difficult to get it out.

You’ll desire a relatively large bucket of soapy water in which to rinse the grate down at the end. Guarantee you tidy both sides of the grate, as well. I ‘d recommend grabbing a good-quality cable brush, due to the fact that the consisted of tool didn’t rather reach all the nooks as well as crannies.

I balanced regarding two large bbq sessions off a solitary portable gas cylinder, which places it at regarding ₤ 3 per usage when it concerns gas.

Customer Feedback, Pros and Cons

Customer Feedback

I wish I would have had this all summertime. The last fifty percent of the summer has been fantastic and I choose Char-Broil X200 Grill2Go over my huge one. We take it to the lake park evenings as well as weekend breaks and have actually cooked chicken and also steak, both ended up tender and without flare ups, very tasty. It does prepare hot so to prepare on a low-medium setting is best, you will never ever need to crank the dial completely up, even to pre-heat.
I bought a 4 feet adapter as well as a 11lbs storage tank in your area as well as it permits me to feed an entire team without having to stress over losing ground.


  • Beautiful design.
  • Safe electronic ignition.


  • Difficult to clean.
  • Heavy.

Final thought!

If you’re searching for a durable gas-powered barbeque that you can handle the road (and not carry), the Grill2Go does a superb task of reliably cooking food as well as being easy to use. While it’s classified as portable, it’s much better to approach this barbeque as little design that you can feasibly take out with you when the need occurs.

The drawback is exactly how hard it can be to clean after the fun is over. It’s incredibly fiddly, and does not make the job that individual fear the most at the end of a barbecue very easy. If you can surpass that, the Char-Broil X200 Grill2Go supplies excellent results.

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