We can not deny that there are many types of Tabletop Grills on the market today. However, Tabletop Gas Grill is still a favorite item for  people to go camping. And most importantly, it can help you save your money.

Tabletop Gas Grills has many useful features, such as economical, faster cooking.

As mentioned above, there are too many choices for you now and that might make you a headache in choosing a Tabletop Gas Grill?

Do not worry! We are here to help you!

You just need to read the following article to make the best selection and enjoy your best barbecue ever.

Let us show you the top 5 best Tabletop Gas Grills.

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Why Should We Use Tabletop Gas Grill?

Most people use Tabletop Gas Grill because it makes food fast,  help you have plentiful food. Besides, it is so convenience and more, it is saving. Let us make this clearly.

Easy to install and use.

The parts of the Tabletop Gas Grill are made of an enameled metal material or powder-coated steel that is easy to clean, also ensuring your safety when used and creating durability. All you need to do that is only put the food in the grill, close the lid and choose the appropriate baking mode.

If you want to make a delicious hot dog or a chicken, you just turn the burner control knob to adjust the heat. Besides, the Tabletop Gas Grill will operate as soon as you start it, you do not need to spend time wait for the heating process the same as an electric grill.

Easy to clean

When you cook, and people are already full, cleaning the grill is really a hard problem. But with Tabletop Gas Grills, all of the thing that you need to do is using a brush and cloth to clean the grill. Then, wash off the grease on the grill, it will be ready for the next time.

Save time and money.

With traditional cooking methods, you will have to spend time on temperature control. But with a gas grill, just a few steps to adjust the control panel, you can both do personal work and get food without having to watch out. In addition, gas is cheaper to use than electricity or other materials, so the gas grill will help you save a lot of costs to cook.


How will you feel when your family is on a picnic in the woods or somewhere quiet, you want to organize a picnic, but there was no electricity in there? But with the tabletop gas grill, you can having a perfect family picnic without electric source. This is the highlight of Tabletop Gas Grill, you can take it anywhere, just a plane and you can use it for your family.

Delicious and more dishes

Gas Grill can be used to cook everything. With it, you can make many brand new and delicious meals for your family. If you don’t know how to grill food by conventional methods such as using charcoal, the food will be unevenly cooked and burnt. But with a gas grill, you will not have to worry anymore. When grilling, the food will be cooked evenly and have eye-catching colors.

Top 5 Best Tabletop Gas Grill 2020

1. Cuisinart CGG-180T.

The first product which we want to offer is Cuisinart CGG-180T Portable Tabletop Gas Grill.

Cuisinart Cgg-180t Petit Gourmet Tabletop Gas Grill

Cuisinart CGG-180T is a “Little girl” in the list of grilling equipment. This product is a cooking device that you can transport wherever possible, maybe in a park, backyard or even when you are camping in the forest.

Cuisinart CGG-180T top features:

Cuisinart CGG-180T’s impressive feature is its portability, due to its briefcase design. It includes two sets of ultra-stable aluminum feet, and it has a stand that you can easily fold it when you pack things.

CGG-180T has a grill area of about ​​145 square inches. Its size is perfect for limited storage space. If your house do not have a big room that enough to bake heavy stuff, CGG-180T is perfect solution. It can be folded easily for storage.

Moreover, the powerful 5,500 BTU stainless steel burner and enameled porcelain grill will help prepare food quickly without fear of burning or sticking.

CGG-180T is a fuel-efficient grill. According to user reviews, this grill uses less fuel, but it can still reach 400 degrees F. So, this product can do an excellent job of baking food at the moderate level.


  • Save space.
  • Energy-saving.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Many colors to choose.


  • Small griddle.
  • Not suitable for many people (More than 4).

2. Weber Q 2200 Portable Gas Grill.

Weber Q2200 is an improved product over the previous model –  Q220. This grill is a combination of the Q1200, which is very compact, portable and the Q3200, which is larger and mount on the trolley.

Weber Q2200

This device has a 12,000 BTU D-shaped burner to heat the cooking area to about 280 square inches. That makes it can suit grilling for many people.

The high quality enameled cast iron mesh is divided that makes the mesh easier to clean, especially if you only use half of it, you can use an available cooking net on one side and a grill on the other. This is rated as a pretty smart design of Weber.

Weber Q 2200 Stand

The body and lid of the grill are made of solid aluminum structure. The device is almost assembled entirely in one block and only small parts are left outside for a short time.

Weber Q2200 Gas Grill is activated by an electronic starter and you will get a battery in the box. The thermometer is kept on the lid, the blackboard on the sides that make it can fold handy.


  • Flexible.
  • Suitable for many people.
  • Beautiful designed.


  • Pretty big size.
  • The structure is easy to heat up.

3. Giantex Gas Grill.

The 3rd place in this list we suggest you is Giantex Tabletop Grill.

Weber Q2200

Giantex – Burner tabletop gas grill is produced for outdoor barbecues. The product is made of 430 stainless steel which makes it durable and easy to clean.

Outstanding characteristics of Giantex Tabletop Gas Grill:

Easy to operate: Two burner ignition and rotating burners help the grill start quickly and easily. It supplies up to 20,000 BTU, reaches high temperatures quickly and each burner has independent adjustment.

Foldable design: The grill is foldable and the lid can be locked that makes it easy to transport and store flexibly. This product is perfect for dinner parties and camping.

Lightweight and safe: Gas grills are approved to CSA standards. Lightweight and lockable lid for transport and storage.

Suitable for many purposes: You can use this product for camping, picnicking, or sailing. It has a compact size, as well as ideal for home use.

The thermometer allows for precise temperature control: It helps you can adjust the temperature to suit each dish, contribute to making your meal more delicious.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Convenient and flexible.
  • Easy to use.


  • Pretty heavy.
  • May cause burns.

4. Char-Broil Grill2Go X200.

As the name of the product, “Grill2Go” is a suitable item for you when going out, and want to enjoy the great and convenient outdoor barbecue. You can grill foof while moving, which is not a big problem for Char-Broil Grill2Go X200.

Char-Broil Grill2Go X200

The cast aluminum construction of the grill makes this product powerful and it will exist for many years. There are safety latches to keep the lid closed during transportation. Above the lid, that is a thermostat,  which is handy for temperature monitoring.

Grill2Go is ruggedly designed and compact in size, so you can set up your grill when you go for a walk or camp with your family on the beach.

X200 Grill2Go is powered by portable gas boxes that directly connect to the grill on the side.

This product is equipped the TRU-Infrared Cooking System. It spreads heat evenly over the top of the grill, the food that you grill will be cooked perfectly, the dishes will ensures not to be burn, and the flavor will taste better. This also means that during cooking, it can retain moisture in the food, not burn and it also helps save more gas.

Setting up and using the X200 Grill2Go is easy, that is an advantage. You need only turn on the grill for a short time after connecting the gas tank to the stove. You can adjust the temperature by rotating the clock on the stove body and start the burner by electronic ignition, this part is the highlight for safety when used.

X200 Grill2Go

A big problem with X200 Grill2Go is not easy to clean. In fact, at barbecue parties, cleaning up this grill after each organization is really quite hard.


  • Beautiful design.
  • Safe electronic ignition.


  • Difficult to clean.
  • Heavy.

5. Coleman NXT Lite.

The last product we would recommend is Coleman NXT Lite. This product combines a classic grill and high-end grill, and it has been added some significant improvements by Coleman.

Coleman NXT Lite

For some small grills, the wind and airflow are big problems. Sometimes, a strong wind can blow food out or make the temperature on the grill to be unstable. To solve this problem, Coleman NXT uses “Perfect Flow Technology” to control airflow and reduce the risk of wind while grilling. That means when you adjust correctly, NXT can provide a heat capacity of 8,500 BTU.

Using Coleman Gas Grill is quite simple. You need to find a space and put the grill down, maybe you need to press down to fix it. Then, you only need to attach the gas tank to the valve position on the side of the grill and ignite to use.

Insta-start igniter is a feature to start the gas burner. This is not a feature that is equipped on every grill.

This product cannot be folded, but this is not necessarily a major drawback because the size and weight of Coleman are quite small.


  • Compact.
  • Great ignition set.
  • Can swap grills.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Hot uneven.
  • Don’t collapse.

How To Choose The Best Tabletop Gas Grills?

There are plenty of gas ovens on the market, from small and inexpensive burners, just to baked to more luxurious products. The grill which you choose depends on your plan. The criteria for choosing a gas grill are cost, griddle size, material, and options.


Gas grills can have multiple estimates for your choice. That depends on your budget and how often you use the grill. No matter which type of grill you choose, it should be heated evenly, lasting quality and safe to operate.

Gas type

Gas grills are powered by natural gas or propane. A natural gas grill will run out of fuel when cooking and costs less than propane. However, the use of propane brings convenience.


Griddle size can be expressed in square inches of cooking area. Dimensions can also be indicated by the number of burners. The more burner your grill has, the larger the cooking area and the more uniform your heat distribution. Most grills have separate thermostats for each burner. The burner can be made of stainless steel, brass or cast iron.


The grill is made from steel plate, stainless steel, cast iron or cast aluminum. They are designed to hold heat in a new base to the touch. The grill cover must be made of the same material as the body, with a wooden handle or other heat resistant material. The gas grill has cast iron or stainless steel porcelain griddle to support the food. Cast iron skillet provides more heat but must be cleaned immediately after using. Stainless steel grill is virtually maintenance-free.

The options

Gas grill offer many options. Burners on the side of the stove are a popular option for cooking sauces or side dishes while the main dish is baking. Other popular options include reheat, the rotary motor with a motor, an infrared ceramic burner to create the flavor for the meat.

In addition, you should also consider the warranty period. Typically, the more extended the warranty on the grill, the higher the product quality.

Final Thought!

Above is information about the best tabletop gas grill on the market today. You can rest assured when choosing to use the above products.

We hope that with the information we provide, you will be able to choose the best tabletop gas grill and help your meal become more delicious.

Thanks for reading!

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