1. Good product, very good price

These telephone line ports appeared to be difficult to obtain. Radio Shack utilized to bring them, but had none. Our regional store agreed to buy them for me for something like $12 each. I could not do that, so I bought them from Amazon.com as a “ride along” item after my order went over $25. The cost was rather practical and the item seems to work specifically as explained. These are for a two-line arrangement where one electrical outlet receptacle has just line 1 appearing, one has only line 2 coming out, and the third has line 1 and also line 2 appearing. This enables you to connect in a FACSIMILE MACHINE or phone that receives calls just from line 1 or 2, and also still have the third for a two-line phone or a voice mail that is capable of responding to 2 lines.

2. Very handy adapter

Works as anticipated. My residence was ‘pre-wired’ and also had basic jacks in rooms. I started with a traditional landline after that added telephone service to my CATV and required a means to send that dial-tone throughout your home. I altered out a pair jacks to dual RJ jacks, yet in other places this gadget enables me to split out the two voice circuits from one jack. In my situation I simply ran a ‘line cord’ from my CATV modem output to a line 2 jack because room and I had that DT on every line 2 jack in the house. (VITAL: make sure line 2 cable in the telephone ‘NID’ is NOT connected to any cable toward the central office or it can damage the CATV modem.) You can hardwire it, but I didn’t go that much b/c this works penalty. The adapter you’ll obtain is marked for: line 1, line 2, line 1 +2. This makes it very easy to choose what line jack you want to utilize. Really pleased with this, especially for the cost I paid. I bought four. BTW, those providing this set celebrity probably assumed they were getting something else. This does not supply three line one outputs from one line one input. It splits the two lines already in your jack (pins L2-L1-L1-L2) so you can connect in a solitary line phone or various other device to line one or line two … or a 2 line phone to among the three jacks.

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