Previously this summer I used the ICE-30 at my parents’ home. After making concerning 7 sets of ice cream, I understood I desired a manufacturer at my very own house. Having spent time utilizing the ICE-30, I had a far better suggestion what functions I was seeking and wound up with the ICE-70 after taking into consideration the ICE-30, ICE-60, as well as ICE-70. Right here are the factors that caused that decision:

How does the Cuisinart ICE-70 work?​


Both the ICE-30 as well as ICE-70 are loud, however the ICE-70 is much less loud. Noticeable, however not substantial. I still don’t want to be in the same area while spinning, however the ICE-30 was audible that I really did not also want to remain in an adjacent space.


The ICE-70 is noticeably much faster. I have actually checked out various other testimonials that the ICE-70 turns at concerning 45 or 55 rpm (adjustable on 2 setups) vs. the ICE-30 turns at regarding 22 RPM. The faster rate supposedly freshens the gelato better for a better consistency. I assume the ice cream I get from my ICE-70 is slightly airier, and also from the ICE-30 slightly a lot more dense, yet not a distinction worth discounting the ICE-30 over. I also have a tendency to locate the faster rate makes the gelato set up quicker. It will take a few batches to end up being accustomed to what is right, but once you see it, it’s pretty clear. (Added note: I had a lot more “soft” sets from the ICE-30, but those were early on, and I don’t understand if that was due to the fact that it turns slower, or even if we weren’t yet aware of when the set prepared yet – in both situations, you still require to move the ice cream to a container and shop in the freezer to get it to tighten completely).

Blending Paddle

Cuisinart updated the blending paddle for the ICE-60 as well as ICE-70. It appears to blend the gelato a little differently and also is somewhat much easier to get the gelato out and to clean. Not a significant difference. I think the ICE-70 paddle is readily available for regarding $10, as well as it resembles it would also fit the ICE-30 mixer – however do not quote me on that. I wish to examine this eventually.


First I’ll keep in mind that the ICE-30 has a bigger fill spout for pouring in your cream and ingredients, but it is likewise open. The ICE-70 has a slightly smaller fill spout but includes a cover. We utilized a plate to cover the spout while mixing in the ICE-30 to maintain dust/bugs out since we were utilizing it in the cellar (due to the sound!) so I do appreciate the integrated in spout cover in the ICE-70. Some customers have actually whined the Cover does not stay on the ICE-70. Undoubtedly, the design is possibly much better and more protected on the ICE-30. With the ICE-70’s smaller sized components spout in the lid, it’s appealing to put the components right into the freezer bowl prior to starting the mixer. This doesn’t work well because the lotion adheres the bottom of the dish and then the mixing paddle does not seat effectively in all-time low as well as the lid does not rest right as well as the lid won’t secure and also remain secured. I have actually located that if I begin the mixer with a vacant bowl and pour in the ingredients through the spout on the ICE-70, the cover remains secured securely in position.

The Difference Of Cuisinart ICE-70

Honestly, I picked the ICE-70 over the ICE-60 only because the ICE-70 was stainless-steel tinted, as are all of my various other little home appliances. The ICE-70 has an automated timer, yet it truly isn’t required as you need to enjoy the uniformity and check on it every few minutes anyway. You likewise don’t wish to forget it (though I don’t recognize exactly how you might with the sound) and return to melted ice cream. The ICE-30 has an easy on/off switch. The ICE-60 has what seem the exact same rate setups as the ICE-70, however no automated timer.

Why You Should Buy Cuisinart ICE-70

All three mixers utilize the very same fridge freezer bowl, though the one marketed for the ICE-70 costs two times as high as the one for the ICE-30. The exterior shade could be various.

I assume the distinctions between the ICE-30, ICE-60 and also ICE-70 are marginal, but are considerable enough to distinguish them. To me, I think the ICE-70 was worth the cost difference for the upgrade, yet if the expense is a variable that would certainly discourage you from entering to acquire one, after that I wouldn’t inhibit any individual from getting the ICE-30 for an extra spending plan pleasant choice.

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