DEWALT Table Saw DWE7485 is among the best table saws I have purchased from DEWALT. If you are service provider this is a must! It is really light-weight as well as mobile. I am a professional and also I extremely suggest this! I have a battery operated one that is the same size, If you are looking for even more power, this is the proper table saw. Thank you DEWALT for high quality table saw!

DEWALT Table Saw DWE7485 Feature

Variety of cuts

24.5 inches of split ability for ripping 4×8 plywood or OSB sheets. When right vertical, the saw has a 3 1/8 ′ ′ maximum cut deepness, which is lowered to 2 1/4 ′ ′ max reducing depth at 45 degrees. This DeWalt DWE7485 testimonial has actually supplied you with a summary of this compact version. It has also compared it to various other dewalt accessoriess along with various other options


Compact size for simplicity of transport as well as storage space. Personal woodshops can also gain from a table saw that is simple to move. Tiny shops with minimal area demand to have power tools that can relocate.


The DWE7485 has a 110 Volts motor appropriate for usage on a domestic power circuit. The global electric motor tends to be loud and directly drives the blade arbor without requiring a belt. The electric motor rotates at 5800 RPM without any lots and provides a typical quantity of power for this group of table saws. dewalt accessories It ought to have not a problem with the sorts of material usual for residence renovation or hobbyist tasks. It may begin to battle with really thick and dense hardwoods, however.

Range of cuts

24.5 inches of split capability for ripping 4×8 plywood or OSB sheets. mon materials, the rack & pinion fencing permits quickly, very easy adjustments and also supplies the capability to rip 4 x 8 sheet products.

Easy changes

Shelf and also pinion telescoping fence rails make fence changes fast, smooth as well as accurate. The shelf and also pinion rails permit easy modifications that are smooth, accurate, and fast. If you want to carry the saw you can pull back the rails to aid you with transportation. The table saw uses a hole fencing or a miter gauge to maintain lumber aligned as well as right throughout the cut.

Why Should You Buy DWE7485?

DEWALT Table Saw DWE7485 system makes it simple to set up the saw for a number of applications. The pinion and also rack fencings aid when it comes to making adjustments without the need of devices. The DEWALT DWE7485 provides the best in table saw wheelchair. This table saw is designed with a 15 Amp motor that promptly rips via woods easily.

It requires little to no upkeep and all of its parts are conveniently assembled. The model additionally includes a variety accessories, which to a factor justifies the price. Still, if you are on a limited budget plan, there are various other models that you can take into consideration first. Developed for power, reliability and the ability to tackle big, demanding cutting applications.

The fence itself reaches give 20″ of split ability to the right of the blade as well as 12″ to the left. This is a fairly little rip capability for this group of table saw, so if you anticipate to make broader slits, you might wish to look at options listed below. Its shelf and also pinion fencing system, front as well as back fencing lock, and large clear scales DEWALT devices integrate to offer an exceptionally precise as well as user friendly saw. The fence system gives 610mm of rip capability, perfect for reducing big sheet products to size. Attributes tool-free securing element modifications and also quick, exact fencing adjustments. Scissor stand created for very easy set up and failure with exceptional security.

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