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The Mini-Mite 4 PLATINUM Gravity (MM4) system includes just the same features as the Mini-Mite 3 PLATINUM yet with the use of a more powerful 4-stage electric motor generator. The MM4 PLATINUM come with the Fuji T-75G Spray Gun that features a pattern control handle to readjust the fan size from small to large. Fuji sets up the very same powerful 4-stage wind turbine electric motor as used in the Q4 Versions. The MM4 PLATINUM does not have the copyrighted noise-reduction function as seen on the Fuji Q-Models, however the noise level disappears than any other standard HVLP wind turbine. The MM4 PLATINUM Turbine establishes roughly 8.5 psi. This permits less thinning of paints than any kind of 3-stage version. Ample pressure to spray all understood finishings (when appropriately thinned) and all the newer water-based coatings. The Spray Gun included with this package is the Fuji T-75G with 600cc Gravity Nylon mug. The conventional Air cap set # 3 (1.3 mm) is for making use of general objective fine completing. Easy to preserve. Perfect for specialist or newbie. This is an industrial-rated equipment at an unsurpassable cost. Heavy-duty metal case with Weapon Owner. Mobile and also powerful. The system includes the Mini-Mite 4 PLATINUM Turbine, 25ft Hi-Flex hose, T-75G Non-bleed Spray Gun with 600cc cup, thickness mug, cleaning brush, wrench as well as 20 web page individual manual. What’s brand-new in the Mini-Mite PLATINUM Series? The Fuji Spray Warmth Dissipation Box Fuji Spray has designed an unique technique of getting rid of any warmth accumulation from the Wind turbine instance. Excess warmth is carried to a Warm Dissipation Box located behind the situation. Fuji Spray Noise Reduction Covers The Mini-Mite PLATINUM Turbines are outfitted with an approach to reduce sound. The Sound Reduction Covers house the Filters.

Customer review about Fuji 2804-T75G

I don’t even know where to begin on this set. I’m mosting likely to maintain this initial review quite short. I have yet to fire anything that’s timber with this, however I am going to attempt my hand at it likely this weekend, purchased a few tiny 1/2 pint samples to try out.

I bought this for the function of splashing Fluid Cover products on vehicles, wheels, and also anything else I can obtain my hands on to spray. The device is EXTREMELY effective, and can spray basically anything without thinning it out as long as you use the right suggestion. It atomizes the product very well with virtually essentially no effort by you. The unit doesn’t run into any kind of warm concerns in my spraying, the air is constantly simply typical luke warm air (not hot cozy, just normal barely cozy air which is incredible). The sound level is about the like a shop vac or quieter, depending upon where you put it, it can be practically inaudible. (hint: get a remote and also put it away from you for silence). I do not require or put on hearing defense with it, yet if I ever before did, after that it would certainly be really minimal. I am curious to recognize just how much quieter that Q4 is after seeing the youtube comparisons, amazing it could be as powerful and also even quieter?!?!

The system is EXTREMELY little and also light-weight which was shocking to me. Make certain to protect the hose pipe fully on the device so it doesn’t come off. I’ve never ever had an issue with it loosening up or removing itself from activity, simply get hold of a wrench or pliers to see to it you thread it on there correctly. Keep the unit away from anywhere you’re splashing so you do not gum up the filters.

The pipe itself is extremely versatile in my opinion, and I really seldom made use of the flex tube in all when I initially started utilizing it, only began using it in the future when I desired some additional size on it.

The gun itself is of an EXTREMELY high quality, and is extremely simple to clean. I had no problems with the leading dripping, it’s very basic to place on, I constantly placed it on and transform it in reverse to line it up, then turn it normally to tighten up. It doesn’t take very much in all to secure it, possibly a quarter turn approximately. Never ever had a leak, never had a problem.

I got the 0.8, 1.0, 1.3, 1.5, and also 1.8 mm spray tips (I evaluate every little thing lol) to go with the weapon particularly as they’re all the same economical cost of regarding $55. USAGE THE VISCOSITY CUP supplied, do not squander product attempting to see which suggestion to make use of, or how to approach whatever you’re spraying. It takes secs, and ensures that everything you do is consistent. It’ll conserve you fixing later, as well as make sure everything coincides each day, every temperature.

I like using the 1.3 mm idea for splashing Plastidip and Raail items (Airwrap and also Protek). The plastidip I thinned it out simply a little bit greater than out of the ‘prepared to spray’ gallon can, I make use of Naptha for that till it runs through the rate cup at about 10 secs which is a couple of secs quicker than typical. It lays out GLORIOUSLY smooth when you set it up right with a little understanding. Depending upon temps I can see going up in pointer size and relocating faster, but if you simply wanted one idea, I can see just opting for the 1.3 mm and also changing speed/thinner relying on where you’re splashing. Raail items spray even sweeter through it since they’re thinner by default and lay so nicely anyway. Man I like the Raail stuff, it’s so excellent.

The T75G is a really high level develop spray gun. My only suitable complaint with the weapon is the fan adjustment on the side. It works just great, doesn’t come loosened or step, it’s so little of a range that you have, so you have to relocate extremely small increments which generate big changes. It’s absolutely a convenience of use point, as well as not also close to a bargain breaker, simply something to take notice of when calling in the follower pattern. I have discovered that it sprays the nicest if you bring the follower down juuuuust a little bit so the pattern appears incredibly also. It’s a damn great spray gun, second ideal in the world in my opinion. Be sure to get some sort of oil to lube up the relocating parts given that it does not come with any kind of. Lube up the threaded locations a bit, lube up the needle itself from back end to about 3/4 of the way down the shaft (do not get it on the needle suggestion duh lol). The trigger pull is good if a little on the shorter side, not SHORT, just much shorter than what I was made use of to is all, still great, likewise something you must gently lube up occasionally. Take care of your gun, and it’ll take care of you.

I also have the Beauty 7500GT spray gun which is in my point of view the absolute ideal generator spray gun in the universe. You can make use of that or any other turbine spray gun with this system, you can likewise utilize the Beauty spray suggestions from that gun with the sweet Fuji T75G spray gun. You can not however utilize the spray suggestions or needles without modification. They will certainly fit into the weapon, but the apollo needles are much longer on the backside, as well as the length of the threaded part of the nozzle is different as well. Simply utilize the aircaps instead if you need a lot more atomization. I have aircap An and also B (not the High Solids ones because I currently have the regular Fuji caps which are that style). If you make use of a various spray gun than the Fuji gun, the weapon stand on the wind turbine will not hold it due to the fact that the size might be a little different, yet the hose pipe and all will certainly be perfect.

The hose has a valve on completion where you can change the quantity of air that’s coming out of the system. It’s rather effective to cut down on the currently very low overspray, however there are no markings on it if you’re looking for very certain modification. I do want there was a dial on the system rather so you could just refuse the generator speed rather than choking it off at the pipe, no biggie, majority will certainly be running it flat out anyhow.

I would outright buy this system once again, exact same with the amazing spray gun. I have actually been considering among the Beauty generator systems, however ONLY because of the ability to have actually an electronically regulated turbine/psi modification. This little Fuji is wonderful.

Okay, so I wasn’t as brief on the review as I believed lol. I could not help it, I truly really truly similar to this system. I recognize a variety of other people doing fluid covers that are now making use of these systems also. The rate is awesome as well as the quality is incredible.

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