I have several of the 9mm MTM cases. Those save as much area as possible. (when utilized with 9mm not when made use of with.380 that is) This instance is made to be used with a couple of various quality rifle cartridges. It functions well for 5.56 as well as.223 yet there is a little added space on the top. I had to fill the situations primer side down given that they wobbled too much the various other method. Unlike the 9mm MTM instances, you can conveniently get the cartridges out when packing them primer side down. (9mm I load primer side up) Once I filled up a box, I tipped it upside-down and they all stayed in location. There is possibly 5/8ths of inch traveling inside package. (that is the wasted room I was referring to) The Federal Premium 100 pack boxes make use of some negative glue and also come open on their own recently. Additionally, they are packed in so tight with a row facing one direction and the following row dealing with an additional instructions. (loose packed to conserve room truly) I uncommitted for this at the variety as well as wanted a way to organize my ammo a little much better. Given that I make use of MTM for 9mm I believed these would certainly a nice addition to my ammo box collection.

The MTM instances stack extremely perfectly. They suit each other so you can pile them high without the stack falling over. (the weight of the ammo aids with this as well) I like the clear blue ones. I like them over the nontransparent instances since I can see at a glance what I have left in the event. I will possibly get a few more of these in the clear blue.

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