After six months, still amazed with Nautilus Recumbent Bike Series. I did have a failure of the little wall surface verruca power supply a couple of weeks earlier. One contact us to Nautilus and I had an additional sent by mail no charge within a couple of days. Actually great client service reaction, no issues whatsoever. I would certainly purchase one more one of these. When it was down for a couple of days, I realized just how much I have actually come to depend on it for exercise!

Thus far, so great. Upgraded from previous Schwinn, which I suched as, but the style of the head device made it continuously totter in use. Not a concern with Nautilus Recumbent Bike Series, which is generally lower to the ground/better made. Smooth pedal action, excellent electronics, many numerous options.

The bluetooth and also wireless heart display features worked for me appropriate out of the box, no issues. My one gripe is that, as others have actually kept in mind, the seat structure does wobble a little bit under hefty cranking. Probably not a quality assurance issue, however a little frustrating. I suspect I’ll get made use of to it. Would certainly I buy it again? Most likely, but I ‘d additionally consider the 618 model to see if it has a beefier seat framework, as I ‘d pay a bit much more to eliminate that issue. In general, however, I consider this bike to be a significant worth as a home-exercise device. Looks great, carries out well, a minimum of in the onset of use. Two other notes: I’m 6’2″, as well as while inseam size is a more important indication (i have to do with a 32), I have sufficient legroom, with about 2 inches extra available). As well as if you place a tool on the mid-console tray as well as cover the upper lefthand edge of the console, the cordless heart screen could not register. Just move it over a bit.

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