When you invest a pretty penny on a truck it does not make good sense to throw an old rusted out hitch on the back. When I was looking for a hitch to throw on my brand-new vehicle I desired something that was functional, sturdy, and also visual.

Weigh Safe 180 Hitch Features

This boils down to a pair things:
1. The reversible spheres enable you to switch perfectly in between both dimensions without packing among the balls in your vehicle to rattle around while not in use.
2. having one key on your vital ring to get rid of the hitch as well as alter the balls is optimal.

After having this on my vehicle for a couple of months it still looks new and also with the high quality of the products I anticipate this to be the case for a long time although I can not attest to this directly

I’m not the person that has a 5″ lift + wheels as well as tires + my instagram @ on the back of my vehicle but if you invest $65k on a vehicle I assume it deserves it to invest one more $300 on a drawback that compliments your truck’s appearance. This fits the bill. My brother liked my arrangement a lot he went out and purchased the same vehicle I have and the very same drawback … General, an excellent hitch. Make sure you’re buying the correct receiver size. This fits my Ford F-250 and also most other vehicles in the class.

Weigh Safe 180 Hitch Customer Review

What a beautiful piece of equipment. This hitch looks like an art piece.

One INITIAL dissatisfaction in this or else beautiful piece of equipment is that the securing drawback pin appeared to be as well short to use on a 3′ shank place with a 2 1/2″ sleeve. I spoke to the seller, who guaranteed me that as a matter of fact the pin would fit, though they said there wouldn’t be any type of pin length left.

THEY were right. It does fit, however as they acknowledge only barely. This is not a push on lock so you do not get that soothing click when you press it on. As a matter of fact you need to hold it in position as well as turn the key to lock it. Not my preferred pin kind yet this an EXCELLENT hitch.

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