I think this is the first evaluation for this lovely monitor, as it was launched recently (VX2778 27″ 256×1440).
I’m not a player, yet I’m utilizing it for 3D applications at 60Hz. I’m contrasting it to an old DELL 2407 (24″ 1920×1200).

ViewSonic VX2478-SMHD 24 Inch Pros:

+ Bright, excellent comparison, gorgeous colors (have not determined the accuracy), crisp.
+ 27″ at WQHD gives more property contrasted to 1920×1200 without reducing the font styles way too much. DPI is 109 compared to 94.
+ Tiny bezel. Although it’s promoted as “Frameless Bezel” it does have a bezel. There is a 1mm metallic bezel around the screen, and also it’s the just one you see when the screen is off. When it’s switched on, there is an added 6mm black framework around the image, so the total frame is about 7mm. Still quite small. Base frame has to do with 1.8 cm.
+ Genuine switches, easy to navigate menu, many alternatives to pick from: video game setting, web mode, and so on
+ No dead/ brilliant pixel. I really did not observe any IPS light bleed.
+ The on/off light can be turned off (menu choice).
+ Not a problem going to sleep.
+ It has a vesa adapter.
+ My old DELL had shadows issues (with anything moving), the Viewsonic has no visible darkness (however after that, I’m not a gamer). Whatever is smooth.

ViewSonic VX2478-SMHD 24 Inch Cons:

– Includes simply one wire: display screen port – mini present port.
– No DVI input (all new visuals cards have a display screen port, so if you have a new equipment it’s okay): it has a display port, mini display screen port and also HDMI.
– I had great deals of problems connecting it. Possibly it was since I attached it with HDMI. The native resolution was not identified. The maximum was just 2048×1152, and also it was fuzzy. I updated both the monitor motorist (from Viewsonic’s site) and visuals (from nvidia), yet it didn’t work. I had to go in the nvidia control board, and include a personalized resolution of 2560×1440. Then it worked penalty.
– Stand is nice as well as good, however is a little wobbly, less durable than my old DELL (that was likewise much heavier).
– Elevation not flexible. Base of the display goes to 9.5 centimeters from the desk.

Audio speakers are an excellent suggestion, however the sound is simply okay.

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